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Electric Point S.R.L

Voltara ESC 70A

Voltara ESC 70A

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Maximum 2 Voltaras per customer


Size: 40x39mm (40mm—42,8mm with wings)
Weight: ~17g
Mounting: M3 30.5mm—30.5mm pattern
Input: 3s-8s (absolute values 5v-40v)
Current: 80A / ESC OUT (4x80A requires temperature attention)
PCB nano-coating: Hydrophobic coating(protects components from water)


Signal input: Dshot 150/300/600/1200/2400 (recommended is Dshot2400)
Telemetry: Voltage, Current, Temperature, RPM, mAh used.
Plug & Play with KISS ULTRA FlightControllers
Compatible with FlightControllers providing Dshot signals


Hardware: 2 x extreme overcurrent protections (motor&hardware saving)
Software: current, temperature & stall protections

Available settings (using KISS ULTRA OSD / Crossfire devices / KKC):

Current Limit(adjustable): Default 80A (when tripped throttle reduced)
Temperature Limit(adjustable): Default 100C (when tripped throttle reduced)
Voltage Calibration(adjustable): to account for component variations
Current Calibration(adjustable): to account for component variations
Soft Start: The motor starts slowly from 0 (configurable ON/OFF)
Soft Ramp: If Soft Start is ON motor speed will slowly ramp to the arming value (configurable ON/OFF)
Rotation Direction: Normal/Reverse configurable through any FC with Dshot commands or KISS ULTRA GUI.
Beeper Volume: 0(silent)-200. Default: 100
Beacon Time: 0(disabled)-60 minutes. Default: 0

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